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Why Impellio

A boutique web design and development workshop
worthy of your trust?

Why should you work with a small design studio in Goa?

If you are looking for a cookie-cutter web development shop, then perhaps you are knocking on the wrong door.

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We are odd, in more ways than one. We have no hesitation in acknowledging that. To begin with, we are not obsessed with growth. On the contrary, we are passionately committed to staying small. We take on a limited number of project each year. It just so happens that most of our clients/projects tend to stay with us for the very long term. Perhaps they like what we do and how we do it.

Workshop not factory

We hone craftsmanship and not industrial production.

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We hold no grudge with industrial production. We have all benefited from the the three pillars of mass industrial production -- standardisation, lower cost of production and advertising for differentiation. We do not compete for the lowest dollar. Very often we work out cheaper in the long run, because we craft solutions that fit the exact specifications and do not get 'cheap labour' to retrofit standardized products.

We build everything in-house. You outsource to us, we don't farm it out further downstream. Over the last 10 years every last piece of code that we have shipped has been written and/or signed off by our CEO.


Small is beautiful

We are comfortable being small.

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We live on a finite planet that cannot generate unlimited economic growth. Or that is what we believe.

Therefore we are happy to live and work in a small seaside town where we can walk to work. Or take our meetings to the beach. Or bicycle to client meetings. Or do off-sites scuba diving off a deserted island in the Arabian sea.

Why would we trade all this so that we could spend our mornings and evenings stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, in a swanky new car? We are very good where we are. Without the big car and the fancy wine. We consider ourselves very fortunate that not only do we get to live this lifestyle but also get to do meaningful work that brings joy to us and to our partners.


Consultancy based on real practice

There is a saying that 'those who can, do; those who can't, consult'. Thankfully it doesn't apply to us. We offer a very limited consultancy practice driven only by our practice.

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We run an incubator with a bunch of large live projects. We run a bunch of other projects for our clients. Everything is mission critical. Failure is very costly -- both in terms of project downtime and also in terms of the cost of our time to fix the problem. Not to mention the loss of face. That doesn't mean that things never break - -this is the internet, things will break sometimes. The idea is to have a plan for when that happens. Over the years we have had a fair share of headaches and we have our set of plan B's that we are happy to share.

All this is not just theory for us. We practice this every day. What will your project look like next year? How about in 10 years? We have been actively writing code for over 20 years and know that the future is hard to predict but it is possible to plan for an unpredictable future.


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