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A web-development practice specialised in digital media


Creating new media products & services for over 20 years

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Helping senior management manage digital media technology and usability challenges

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Web Development

Always creating, monitoring, testing, evaluating and reconfiguring web products

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Code is poetry

For a web-centric brand or project code is the glue that holds together strategy and design. If those three are not in sync then something will give, sooner than later.

Consulting Services

Our digital world is constantly and radically being transformed. Everyday!

The advances in infrastructure and technology are overwhelming the consumer with an avalanche of content. Yet we all seem to be craving more.

We keep finding new and interesting ways to consume (and create) more content and information in new ways, places and devices.

In a world where transformational change seems to be the new normal, publishing a website or an app is just not enough. What worked yesterday will not work today; and what works today will likely not work tomorrow.

On cross-roads of media and technology. For nearly 30 years.

Almost 30 years ago I started writing code in COBOL. Today, I still love to code -- mostly in Ruby. Much has transpired in the intervening decades that I bring to this incubator and to my clients.

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Our Services

Media organisations aren't always technology companies. As hands-on technology people we offer technology and usability consultancy to media organisations.

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Our Portfolio

We have created dozens of large and some very large digital media products. Most of those are still under our active management. We keep learning from active work.

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About us

The seeds for this were sown in 1988. And the first major incubation started in 1998. There has been a steady growth of product/service ideas over the last decade.

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500 million pages served

100 million visitors 

28 years experence

243 countries served

What matters more than how it looks, is how it works!

Design is too often opinion-driven. While opinions matter, we prefer to take a data-driven approach to design. On the web almost everything is testable. So why guess.

Our design approach