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Crafting digital media

Over the last 10 years Impellio has done only one thing -- build or consult with internet-driven media products/services.

Even though we are a technology company our approach to work borrows more from the historic tradition of craftsmanship than from the modern tradition of industrial production.


Small by design

When it comes to creating knowledge products, we believe that the idea of anonymous labour creating efficiencies of scale does not work so well.

A deep understanding of the entire development life-cycle not only creates ownership, but also creates efficiencies that industrial division of labour cannot hope to match.

As a rule we never take on more than a couple of projects at a time. The reason we can be selective about the projects we take on is because we are comfortable being small. No, not just comfortable, we are happier being small. 

Our principal consultant, designer and programmer is Ajay Jaiman. He takes pride in hand-crafting everything himself.

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Ajay wrote his first piece of code in 1988. And at 50 he still loves to code.

In the intervening 30-odd years Ajay has worked for large corporations as well as fledgling start-ups. He has led venture capital-backed ventures and been part of large global corporations. Ajay has done work for and consulted with a range of clients spread all across the globe. 

These diverse experiences help him see the world from multiple perspectives making him a better consultant and developer.


Ajay sees himself primarily as a practitioner who loves to get his hands dirty on the next design challenge. Everything that you see in the portfolio section above has been personally crafted by him. The strategy, the design, the code...

His decades of experience in building brands, crafting technology and designing elegant solutions is now deployed to help large and small companies design and implement a digital media strategy.


When he is not working on a client engagement Ajay can often be found working on long-term projects while cycling, scuba diving or backpacking in some remote part of the world. Visit his blog to read about his latest adventure.

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