Work philosophy

Why do we work?
How should we work?
What kind of work should we do?
Who should we work for?

We are not obsessed with growth. On the contrary we are passionately committed to staying small. And doing meaningful work that brings joy to us and to our partners. Therefore such questions become critical for us.

Small is beautiful

We are comfortable being small. Actually we actively resist taking on more business and taking on more employees. We take on limited number of projects that excite us and tie in with our belief system. 

Find balance

Money is only a means to an end. Never the end in itself. Or that is what we believe. Of course we live in this world and need money. But more than money we seek 'eudaimonia' -- on balance, a good life.

Give back

Each year we commit a significant part of our time to not-for-profit and social enterprises. Depending on their needs we may do projects for free or at cost. Drop us a line if you wish to explore working with us. 

In search of 'flow'

'Flow' is the secret to happiness, says Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
Craftsmen and women in India and Japan and many other parts of the world have known this for thousands of years. We are trying to follow in their footsteps.


Finding the middle path

Growth for the sake of growth is a disease called cancer. We live on a finite planet that cannot generate unlimited economic growth. 

We'd much rather find the middle path. Between hyper-consuming indulgence and ascetic abstention. Between working ourselves to death and being bums.