Portfolio of recent work

This is a partial list of some of the projects that we have incubated. We picked these because we think they represent a cross-section of project types.

This list does not include the projects in the pipeline, nor the clients we consult with.
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Pitara.com is one of Asia's largest children's website

It is a huge collection of multimedia and multilingual content. It uses a distributed workforce -- its authors and editors are almost never in the same physical location.

Project type: Website - Multimedia content
Technologies:WordPress, PHP, Java
Key features:Content Management system (CMS) optimized for rapid deployment and update of interactive content and advertising.


PublishersGlobal.com is the world's leading publishing industry resource

It contains a huge database of changing information, and a large set of tools for the industry and end-users.

Project type: Website - Access controlled subscription service
Technologies: PHP, MySql, Bootstrap, jQuery
Key features: Multi-level role-based access for content use and creation. Large database of content optimized for a range of tools and utilities for paid and free subscribers.


RushFinder.com is a community of outdoor enthusiasts 

RushFinder is a global community for adventure sports enthusiasts to Create, Discuss, Plan, Share and Discover their next adventure.

Project type: Website - Directory with events listing & sale
Audience: Adventure sports enthusiasts
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Google maps APIs, Puma, Capistrano...
Key features: The end-user can create and follow events, trips, and profiles. Users have fine


Docx.in is a documentary archive and resource center

The documentary exchange is a startup attempting to be a documentary archive and resource center. While the project is still in 'Beta' the website is live. The App is under development.

Project type: Website - User-generated content
Audience: Documentary Film afficionados
Technologies: WordPress, PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery
Key features: End-users, editors and film fraternity can collaboratively create, share and manage content, comment and dialogue.


ParentsSquare.com is an online magazine for parents

It is an online parenting magazine. It includes a large set of personalized tools and utilities for parents, and to-be parents.

Project type: Website - Content & interactive tools
Audience: Parents/Families
Technologies: WordPress, PHP
Key features: Multiple original WordPress Plugins were created for interactive tools like baby name finder, pregnancy tracker...


theNewsCollective.org is a news aggregation service.

theNewsCollective is a not-for-profit news aggregation and search service. It allows users to create a personalized news system by customizing a large list of non-mainstream news sources.

Project type: Website - Algorithmically curated news
Audience: Serious news readers and industry professionals
Technologies: Laravel framework, PHP, MySql
Key features: A database of algorithmically curated news that can be personalized by the end-user